Wedding Favour Tags That Make Memories Last

Your wedding day goes by in a blur—a whirlwind of joy, love, and celebration. Before you know it, you’re waving goodbye to your guests and heading off to start your new life together.

The favours you choose for your guests are more than just a parting gift – they’re keepsakes that capture the essence of your special day. Though small in size, these tokens of appreciation make a memorable impact when accompanied by thoughtful wedding favour tags. At M&H Events, we specialise in creating favour tags that match your theme and style.

Available in any colour and shape to seamlessly complement your tables, these delicate details are what guest memories are made of. Reach out to us today, and let’s infuse your wedding day with unforgettable touches that truly matter!

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Personalised Wedding Favour Tags for Your Unforgettable Day

As any expert stylist will tell you—it’s the little touches that take your wedding décor from nice to truly unforgettable. Make your favours stand out and leave a lasting impression on your guests with our personalised swing tags, ideal for accenting your thoughtfully chosen bonbonnières, cookies, or candy bags.

These elegant embellishments elevate your gift bags with the perfect finishing touch. Personalise the tags with your guests’ names, the flavours of the delicacies within, your new married title, or a simple “thank you” message they’ll cherish as a keepsake.

With custom tags matching your wedding theme and colours, your favours become an extension of your special day rather than an afterthought. Our endless personalisation options allow you to get as creative in your designs as your style desires.

Though wedding stationery may be small, it holds great significance. Recognising the importance of your wedding favour tags, we will present you with something out of the box that will surely capture your guest’s attention. So, choose us and make your wedding favour tag a valuable addition to your special day.

Unforgettable Wedding Favour Tags to Delight Your Guests

Weddings are joyful celebrations where every detail leaves an impression, including the favour tags adorning your guest gifts. These small tokens make for memorable keepsakes that add charm and delight to your special day. Crafting tags that reflect your unique personality as a couple is a thoughtful way to create lasting memories with those you love.

When designing your tags, choose elements that mirror your wedding style to beautifully tie your vision together. Whether it’s a rustic affair or black-tie event, our designers expertly complement your theme with tailored designs. We get to know each couple and infuse heartfelt details into elegant tags that evoke emotion in recipients for years.

At M&H Event, our goal is to craft favour tags that guests cherish as a lasting symbol of your union. By pouring care into each bespoke order, we create mementos as unique as your love. Before you finalise your wedding plans, schedule a complimentary design consultation to make your favours unforgettable.

The Finest Wedding Favour Tags to Reflect Your Love Story

When planning your wedding day, looking for that perfect wedding favour tag is an exciting thing to do. Choosing the right delight options, design, and tag typography can be complex when you only have an idea in your mind. That’s where M&H Events comes in! With us, you will have a choice for everything that makes a wedding favours unforgettable. Here’s how our process works:

  • Before contacting us, browse our website and social media to spark favour tag ideas that match your wedding vision. Note any colour schemes, printing methods, or motifs you love. This helps us seamlessly bring your unique style to life.
  • To begin, submit our online enquiry form detailing your wedding details, vision, and any inspiration gathered. Or email us at We’ll promptly contact you to discuss transforming your dreams into designs.
  • After confirming we’re the right fit, we’ll request your necessary text content and honing design directions. Then our artists get to work hand-crafting digital proofs for you to review and refine to perfection. We include 3 complimentary rounds of revisions – because we don’t stop until you smile with delight.

We blend creativity and care into every order to make favour tag designing easy and enjoyable for our beloved brides and grooms. Let’s chat today and turn your vision into reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, we would recommend placing your wedding favours order three to four weeks in advance of your wedding date. This allows enough time for the favours to be made and shipped without having to rush the order at the last minute.

Yes! The first thing we ask you when you consult with us is about your thoughts. So, send us a note with the design you have in mind, and we will contact you to discuss all of the options.

Sure, when you connect with us, we will consult and know your requirements, and depending on your specifications, we will try our best to fit it all into your budget.

Definitely! Our sample packs are for $15 which stand fully redeemable on if you purchase invitations. Also, if you want something around what you saw, feel free to connect with us so we can offer the best with customisations.

The minimum order quantity for wedding favour tags is 40. Please contact us so we can learn more about your special day and provide accurate pricing for the fabulous wedding favours tags you envision. We look forward to designing delightful details for your special day.

Depending on the product, quantity and most importantly timeline, our team can accommodate immediate orders. Connect with us through the enquiry form and we will get back to you soon.

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