Wedding Menus With A Touch Of Luxury

At M&H Events, we specialise in creating one-of-a-kind wedding menus tailored specifically for your special day. Our menus elevate an often-overlooked wedding detail into a memorable keepsake for you and your guests.

Rather than settling for plain, rectangular wedding menus, we offer a unique range of shapes like arch, round, slim rectangle or even wave. This allows you to select a style that aligns perfectly with your wedding theme and decor. And it doesn’t stop there – personalise the menus even further by adding your guest names so they double as place cards. Or include a meaningful quote or favourite verse to set the perfect tone.

No matter your wedding style – modern, classic, rustic or glam – our customisable designs infuse luxury into this small but impactful piece of your day. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Wasabi arch menus
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  • Slim oval personalised menu
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  • Rachael and Pieter
  • Maria + Justin
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  • Double sided gold and white menu
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  • Wedding personalised menu black and white
  • Round Menu - Nicole
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  • Navy Arch personalised menu
  • Ivory personalised menu
  • Handmade paper slim menu with gold wax seal
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  • mhevents
  • Round personalised blush menu
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  • mhevents
  • Round Menus
  • Table Menus slim rectangle white
  • Slim rectangle drinks menu
  • Round Menu - Nicole #2
  • Rosa collection menu
  • Pill Shaped Blush personalised menu
  • Personalised bar menu pill shape-blush
  • Pebble shaped sage personalised menu
  • DL double sided chalk grey menus
  • Menus table numbers and round menu bar menu

Explore Our Collection of Personalised Wedding Menus

With M&H Events, you will dive into the world of enormous personalised options for wedding menu cards. Whether your wedding theme is a blend of royal white and luxe gold or something more on the floral side, we will make you an exclusive wedding menu suitable for your theme and style.

Our collection achieves standout elegance through premium materials and the latest printing technology. Expect only the highest quality cardstock and ink colours to match your wedding’s sophisticated flair. Our designs accommodate enhancements like white ink printing or digital foiling for an ultra luxe finish. Mix and match colours, fonts, shapes and embellishments for a look aligning perfectly with your wedding vision.

For any questions on how to bring your ideal wedding menu card theme to life, simply email us. We’re always happy to consult one-on-one to ensure your menus check every box – beauty, utility, and meaning. Discover how this overlooked piece can enhance your overall event when done right.

Elegance on Every Plate With Our Wedding Menu Cards

Your wedding moments will become beautiful memories for a lifetime. Recognising this, we dedicate ourselves to make it special with our unmatched menu cards. Just as your love story holds a unique essence, we customise your wedding menu with all the details that make your story truly yours. Here’s how our process work-

Contacts Us: Reach out to us, and share all the details like your ideas, venue, wedding theme, food menu, and any other information relevant to your wedding day.

Deposit and Upload: After receiving your details, we’ll promptly send you a pricing proposal within 48 hours. If you’re satisfied, a 30% deposit secures your booking. Following this, you can easily upload additional information such as the date, colours, size, font preferences, and other essential details via our client portal. This allows us to begin creating your unique wedding menu.

Review and Revisions: Next, we make the wedding menu around your idea and present it to you for review. You get 3 complimentary revisions to make any required changes.

Printing and Production: Upon your approval, we get on with the printing and production process. After completion, we check each piece carefully before delivery.

Delivery: We’ll reach out to you to arrange the delivery of your wedding menus as per the agreed-upon date.

With such an easy process, you will have your wedding menu sorted hassle-free. So, choose our wedding menus to make your celebration more special.

Our Wedding Menus Add a Flavorful Touch to Your Celebration

Whether you’re looking for classic sophistication or modern flair, our range of designs offers something for every couple. We understand the importance of establishing the tone for your wedding day, and our menus set the stage for a memorable celebration.

By carefully noting your preferences, our designers will present you with options that go beyond the idea of a basic menu. These elegant and personalised wedding menus will add a sense of luxury to each table. Also, when paired with other little details and stationeries on the table, your wedding menus will surely enhance the overall decor of your wedding.

Beyond their practical function of providing food and beverage options, our wedding menus add a special touch of beauty to each place setting. By using the trendiest designs, the latest printing technology, and the highest quality materials, you do not just choose us; you choose perfection for your wedding menu. Let’s connect and get started with creating the most amazing wedding menu together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our wedding menu card collection has a wide range of options tailored to your taste and style. Whether you want a sleek one or something that gives a luxurious vibe, we have it all in place. Choose from quality cardstock and integrate meaningful embellishments like monograms or wedding dates.

To customise your wedding menu card, all you will need to do is drop an email mentioning your preferences. The shape, size, colour, font, text size, colour, graphics, and photos we can customise it for you.

Of course! We believe your wedding menu card should be as special as your wedding day. So, to make it stand out, you can add any relatable quote, special message, or thank-you note. For a better insight, we can discuss this over the phone. Connect with us through our contact page.

We highly suggest placing your personalised wedding menu orders well in advance of your wedding day. This gives us enough time for our joint design process, printing, shipping, and any potential delays in approvals or modifications. It also includes a safety net in case there are any unforeseen delays in production or delivery.

Sure! When we say we customise, we don’t just mean the text, shape, or colour. If you want to add additional information about dietary restrictions, you just need to convey it on call, and we will seamlessly include it in your wedding menu.

Yes! Once you tell us about your ideas and preferences, we will provide you with our sample full of goodies of different colours and shapes so you can choose the best one. You can purchase it for $15 which you can redeem on purchasing invitations. For more, drop an email at –

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